: The 34 Squadron wireless mechanics pose during the Monsoon season.  Jimmys crew, Joe Smith and Colin Willcox are in the middle.  The groundcrew had all of the work and none of the glory, working countless hours in terrible conditions, to keep the planes flying.. After Jims death Joe Smith took Jims flying goggles and cared for them for the next 57  years. He kindly returned them to the Whalen family in 2001


Tom Evans, pictured here as a Leading Aircraftsmen in 1944, was Jimmys fitter. He remained in the RAF , retiring as a Warrant Officer, the highest non-commissioned rank in the RAF.   After Jimmys death Tom removed  Jims personal crest from his Hurricane and cared for it for the rest of his life.  His family kindly returned it to the Whalen Family in 2006